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Practical Garment Production Process – A Case Study

End-to-End detailed garment production process

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This project work deals with the productivity and quality enhancement in a garment manufacturing unit through a practical study conducted in the stitching department.

Fabric Inspection

Fabric inspection is the process of checking the fabric sheet for detecting faults in the fabric and preparing an inspection report. After the fabric inspection, grading of the fabric is done according to the fabric quality level.

In fabric inspection, fabric rolls are opened and passed through a fabric checking machine having the light under the fabric and the fabric checker does the visual inspection of the fabric. While checking checker marks the defects with chalk or attach a tag at the selvedge parallel to the defect point. At the end of the checking, a fabric roll inspection report is made for that fabric roll. In fabric inspection, fabric rolls are graded and segregated by marking rolls either one of the following categories:

  • Passed: These fabric rolls are ready for use
  • Rejected: Not acceptable. rejected fabrics are sent back to the supplier
  • Decision pending: Awaiting approval from the authorized person whether to pass or fail or reject the fabric.

To use 4 point system following things should be known

  1. Fabric inspection method or preparation
  2. Criteria of giving penalty points based on defects and defect length.
  3. Calculation method of total penalty points for total defects found in a fabric roll.
  4. A Check sheet or format for recording data
  5. Knowledge of different types of defects (how a defect looks and its appearance)
Fabric Store – Standard Operating Procedure


Fig 4.8-Fabric length counter
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Fig 4.7- Fabric Checking Machine


Trims Store

Similar to fabric sourcing all required trims and accessories are purchased. Trims and accessories are sourced in advance to production start. The quality of the trims is inspected and approved for production. Trims like laces, twill tapes, buttons, zippers, and drawcords are tested for color bleeding. Defective and damaged trims are separated and are not used in garments. 10% trims are inspected.

Standard operating procedure – trims store


Fig 5.1 – Trims Store


Types of trims and their suppliers

  • Buttons:
    • Anand Buttons
    • Ryyty Apparels
    • Mani Batra
    • Hari Om Tradings
    • Micro Deal
  • Threads:
    • Gutterman
    • Hema Poly
    • Tora Poly
    • Sun thread
    • Astra
  • Zipper:
    • Pratik Enterprises
    • YKK India Ltd
  • Hanger:
    • Hook Operation
    • JV Plastic Hangers
    • Wooden Hangers
  • Polybag:
    • MaruDhara Packs Product
    • Viltons
  • Cartons:
    • Prity Packaging
    • Vahid Papers
  • Shoulder Pad:
    • Orion Apparel Trims Pvt. Ltd.
  • Labels:
    • Sharman Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
    • KRF Ltd.
    • Trinity


Operation name

Fig 5.5- Cutting of zipper
Cutting of zipper

Fig 5.6- Locking of zipper
Locking of zipper

Fig 5.7 – Attaching Runner
Attaching runner

5.4 Zipper preparation

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